There should be more to choosing great ergonomic office desks than picking up a special catalog ordering the first thing you see. It usually takes some time and research to find the best desks. Along with ergonomic features, there are several other factors to consider.

1. Ergonomics

All parts of the desk should have height adjustments. There should be a keyboard tray, and it should be wide enough to accommodate both the keyboard and an ergonomically sound computer mouse. The keyboard tray should be fully adjustable so that the worker can hold his lower arms out straight with his elbows bent at a 90 degree angle to reach the keyboard and type. The CPU and other components should be housed out of the way in the desk so that they do not interfere with leg room or the work space. If there are any drawers, it is important to make sure they do not interfere with leg room.

2. Materials

An executive desk is usually made of a rich, dark wood or metal and glass. There are some ergonomic desks that are made with these materials, but they are not as common as other materials. Most employee desks are made of less valuable materials. The most common materials are pressed wood products, plastic or laminates. The frames are often made of steel. Check any hardware to make sure it is not made of cheap plastic.

3. Style

Ergonomic office desks have somewhat of a style all their own. They usually have an open look; they commonly have no back or front but only sides, work surfaces, shelves, and possibly drawers. Yet a certain amount of style variation is possible. Some computer desks are more modern-looking than others, and some are more elegant or statelier. If you want an impressive office desk, you can still get one that has a good ergonomics foundation. It just might take a little research.

4. Quality

Be aware of quality with any piece of office furniture you buy. For a desk, look at the drawers if there are any. These are a good indication of the quality because if they slide smoothly there is a good chance excellent materials and workmanship went into the desk. Remember that the keyboard tray is built similarly to a drawer. Do not be afraid to shake the desk a little and see if it holds firm. If it is rickety it is either not a solid piece of furniture or it was not assembled correctly.

5. Price

It is difficult to put a price on comfort and workplace safety. Once you have covered those two criteria, the extras and luxuries are a matter of taste and budget. Choose the ergonomic office desks that work best for your office, considering the money you have to spend and the value the desks will provide your workers.